Friday, November 9, 2012

Rapunzel, meet Rapunzel

Yesterday we went to Disneyland.  I usually let Hailey pick her outfit, and she picked her Rapunzel dress from Halloween.  Well whatever little girl :)  It won't fit her next year, so might as well let her wear it out.  Anyway we had a lot of fun!  These last couple times we've gone have been more fun because she knows more of the characters and stuff.
We had decided to wait in the line to meet Rapunzel since she was wearing her dress.  It wasn't too bad a wait.  Right when we got there she had taken a break but after that it went pretty quick.  Plus the line wasn't as long as I have seen it before.  When we went in there, the lady with the camera and someone else were talking so no one told us it was our turn.  Rapunzel ended up talking to us so Hailey walked over to her.  Hailey was talking but surprisingly soft.  She gave her a little hug and was looking at her dress since they were the same, and the flowers in her hair. Rapunzel seemed to be smitten with her.  I got one really cute pictures, BUT since hailey wouldn't hold still, I had to delete it because she was a blurry blob.  I don't know if my phones messed up or what, but it used to take beautiful photos, and now not so much.  But Hailey is a wiggle worm now, and the room was surprisingly dark.  We got some pictures but they have me in them because Hailey eventually asked me to sit on the bench too haha.  I was a little bit irritated that the lady that was supposed to take our picture with the nice camera was too busy talking to even attempt to take a picture.  We left on our own time (we were never told to leave) because we knew there were people waiting still.  I'm sure next time Hailey asks to wear her Rapunzel dress to Disney, we'll stop by and say hi to Rapunzel again.
Smile for Daddy...she's too busy looking at her dress

Talking to Punzel

 Hailey's favorite ride.  We even ended up on a pink and purple horse!
On the Dumbo ride

In line to go see Jack

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