Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Leftovers Day!

Didn't get a chance to write yesterday, we woke up, got ready, left, came home, and went to bed haha.
How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was pretty good.  Same as usual, first Matt's mom's side, then his dad's.  Both up at Lake Arrowhead.
I got some pictures, but they aren't very good cause of bad lighting (and wiggly targets)

 Waiting to eat
 Abby's Yin

 Waiting to eat....again

Are you going out for any Black Friday deals?  I'm not....but mainly cause I have no money haha.  Matt, however, is out there right now!  Not what you think....he's working.  He was put on the register in the electronics section.  I think he was a little nervous cause that's usually the busiest section.  But he'll get the last of the crowd, since he went in at 4AM and they opened at 9PM


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