Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today my baby is "officially" not toothless anymore.  Given it's just a tiny tiny spot in her mouth, but it is definatly there!  I found it this morning when she yawned.  There's a white spot on her gums.  So I felt for it and it's there.  Matt saw it too.  She makes it hard to see because she sticks out her tongue haha.  I'm going to miss my baby's toothless smile :(  I realized I don't have too many pictures of her smiles....she makes it hard to capture because when she smiles she usually flaps her arms around and looks down or sticks out her tongue.  I'll have to try to get some good ones before that tooth grows anymore.  I'm happy and sad at the same time about this.  My little baby is growing up so fast.  I know everyone says that's what happens, but you don't realize how fast until you experience it.  Which is funny because in the moment you think to yourself man hurry and get older.  She is my little buddy....but toothless no more (it may be little but I count it! haha)


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