Friday, June 24, 2011


Yesterday Austin flew into town!  He's going to be staying with us until we go to Utah in for a little less than a month (that is unless he decides he wants to go home sooner haha).  Speaking of Utah, I'm sooo excited for that trip.  I want to see my nieces so bad.  I think I'm going to bring some nailpolish so we can do our nails :) 
My baby has been stuffed up.  She hasn't pooped for a day and a half.  I gave her prunes last night in hopes that may help, but so far nothing.  I also heard giving them water.  I have never really gotten her to drink water and I just fed her a bottle so I wanted to wait a little before trying it so her belly wasn't super full.  She hasn't really shown much discomfort yet.  And she has been "gassin' it" but no poopoo yet :(  I never thought I'd say I want her to go haha.
Well short post but I'm going to go see who's calling me


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