Saturday, June 4, 2011

Reptile Friends and Foes

Last time we went to Petco we got a thing that said they were going to have a reptile thing today.  So we went, taking our lizard with us.  I knew it wouldn't be very big, because that Petco really isn't very popular, but man was it deserted.  They even have a kitten/dog adoption the same day.  I think Matt was kind of disappointed.  Everytime there has been a reptile expo by us, it gets canceled...don't know why.  We may have to take a trip down to San Diego to one.  We want to get another lizard, but not right now.  Maybe once we figure out some finacial stuff.  But man, we wanted to get one today.  They were having an awesome sale on them.  The bearded dragons were on sale for about $25.  The most lizards we've had at one time is 4.  They all slowly died off, which is upsetting.  And despite what you think it wasnt our care lol.  The first bearded dragon we got died of old age.  The first Uro to die got eaten by crickets...that's a story haha.  The second Uro died unknowingly.  He had something hard and weird in his stomach.  I wanted to know what it was, but Matt said he didn't have the heart to cut him open.  Than the other Bearded Dragon died of unknown causes.  We don't know if he got sick or what, he just stopped eating.  We'd give him lettuce and he wouldn't touch it.  Than we'd try to give him some meal worms and he wouldn't touch them.  Poor little lizards.  I will admit they're kind of cool.  Main thing I don't like is their poop.  It's a pain to clean and STINKS!  And makes the house stink also.   Plus the heat lamps help make upstairs very very hot in the summer...sometimes it even gets too hot for them. 
To top off the reptile day...Mia found a rattlesnake!  I'm not sure if she noticed it and knew it was bad and backed away, or just backed away when I opened the door.  We didn't hear it rattle until Matt walked over to see what she was barking at (we know she's found something when she barks because she is not a barker).  But whichever...good doggie Mia for finding the bad snake and not getting bit by it haha.  Of course Matt killed it.  Than he skinned it and we froze the meat.  He wanted to keep the head, but he accidentally ruined it in trying to kill it with the shovel.  I would say he'll get another chance...but I really hope not haha.
Oh my reptile lovin' man <3


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