Monday, June 6, 2011

6 Months

Today (well actually yesterday) my baby girl is half a year old!  Where did the time go? 
She cracks me up.  Right now she's into filling her cheeks with air and blowing it out one side of her mouth.  It looks and sounds so funny.  I also caught her rubbing her blankie under her nose the other day. So cute!
Now she sits up perfect.  She rarely falls over.  She loves sitting in her stroller and shopping carts like a big girl.  But man it's been hot lately so I usually put her in just a onesie....but she's pretty much outgrown them all.  I'm running out of clothes haha.  Good excuse to go shopping.  She also likes to grunt now...what a weirdo.  She may have been unexpected....but we sure do love her!  Sometimes it's still weird to me to think I have a child...but I enjoy every minute of it.


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