Sunday, February 1, 2009


...We actually decided to stay in California. You know the saying "you don't know what you have till it's gone"? Well I guess that sort of applies here. As much as I complain about this "barn," I've fallen in love with it. There are some simple things that can be fixed to make it better, I just never wanted to do them because I didn't want to stay. We figured that we did not have enough money to pay for a uhaul, the gas for it, and the storage that we might need. Also, even though Utah is cheaper...we not only save money on rent, but also on the insurance that comes with an apartment or house, the sewer and garbage fees, and little stuff like that.
The down side.....I think we made Matt's sister mad (she wanted to live here when we were gone, and it seemed like she couldn't wait to push us outta here haha). Also I think we've lost out on a free table and a cheap car, oh well I guess.
On the bright side I now know that I can go buy advanced day tickets to Twilight without fear that I might not be here. And I can see two either hawks or vultures circling something outside the window....kinda cool!

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