Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to February!

Hello there!  I can't believe we are already in the second month of the year.  Time sure does fly huh. 
Well, I thought I'd update this a little while Hailey and Matt are snoozing on the couch.   Still have not had McDonalds.  Still haven't had any soda.  I skipped a couple days working out (TMI warning: felt too lazy on my period), but I'm back on track now!  Last time I got myself a snack I got oatmeal cream pies instead of chocolate!  Now I just need to work on my portion sizes.  That's my main problem.
Matt's been doing a lot better than me.  He's such a hard worker!  He has a diet plan, goes to the gym, and all that jazz. 
Hailey's new favorite thing to do is dive off the stairs onto the couch.  It's funny and scary at the same time!  She also said her first "clear" word - bye!  Well she said buh-bye but same thing.  It was clear as a bell.   Gotta write that in her baby book.
Got our taxes done and out of the way.  Feels good...but never going back to H&R Block again.  I'll do them myself reguardless of what Matt says wahaha!
I also need another root canal bad!  Remember kids - go to the dentist.  Because it'll just be worse the longer you wait.
Feeling like I need a new hairstyle recently.  But I am not good at picking styles for myself.  Almost everyone I've ever decided to do and had done has turned out crappy.  It's usually the best when it's grown out and just normal, but it's so boring!  Oh well I guess.
Well, I can't think of anything else to say.  Here's a pictuer I just took of the nappy twins.


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