Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a day for love.  Not just love for your significant other, but family and friends too.  I wish I would of come up with sending Valentine's to people before it was too late.  In spirit of this day, here are a few things that I love.
Orange Juice
My computer
....and the bigger things
Mia - my wonderful dog
My friends - as few as that may be
My family - I've recently learned just how important they are to me and want to continue to grow closer to them
Hailey - my wonderful baby girl who is so funny and sweet.  I love her so much!
and of course Matt - my loving husband who is the most wonderful man ever.  He's funny, smart, and sweet.  He really does spoil me more than I deserve.  I love you Mathew
Don't forget to tell people that you love them everyday, not just today. 
Happy Valentine's Day!


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