Saturday, September 24, 2011

Excited for Halloween!

Halloween is in about 37 days!  I LOVE Halloween!  It is one of my favorite holidays.  But I still can't decide what Hailey is going to me....or myself.  I can't decide if I want us to match and just be like lady bugs or bees or even Tinkerbells!  Or if I should just make her something herself and I'll be something myself ya know?  I saw the CUTEST Tangled dress in the Disney Store at the mall yesterday and I'm thinking of making her that since I love Tangled.  They usually have little Pascel (however you spell his nam) dolls.  There are just so many cute ones!  I'm also thinking I want to be Alice for American McGee's video game.  She's scary!  But the problem with that is, I don't have the money to go all out this year....I plan to next year.  And of course the costume only comes with the bare min.  So I was thinking of just doing something cheap like from Hot Topic....which by the way has a Sailor Moon costume!  How awesome is that?!  Too bad it's really dumb looking :(  I'd also love to go as an anime character, but cosplay costumes are usually in the hundreds beause they are hand made.  I couldn't make one myself for the life of me.  We'll just have to wait and see I guess.
I'm also excited for Knott's Scary Farm!  I really hope I can go this year.  I didn't go last year because I was 8 months pregnant at the time.  And we didn't go the year before because we were even more broke than we are now...and that's saying something.  I love being scared and haunted houses.  Problem is getting someone to watch Hailey from like 10-1 AM
Speaking of Hailey the little booger butt.  Her new tricks include crawling super fast...while the opposite direction you are.  Putting things out the doggie door. And climbing the stairs at super sonic speeds.  Oh and this morning she was sitting on the tile spinning herself in circles while chewing on a toy (or smelling my lotion bottle).  She's so funny...even when she's being a pain in the booty.

She's ready for Halloween too!


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