Saturday, July 2, 2011


17 more days till Utah!  I'm so excited!  I actually found glow in the dark nail polish...and in 3 colors! I was so happy.  I've been looking for some for years (ever since my old one broke).  Found them in Hot Topic haha.  They had black light kind too.  Only thing bad about them is they are really light colors.  Gotta have lots of layers to see the tint of pink, green, or blue.  But hey, they still glow! (I tested them on Austin teehee).
Speaking of Austin.  He is so funny.  Within the same 5 mintues he has said "I don't like kids" to "your baby is so cute!" hahaha.  He's actually kind of surprising me.  I thought he'd get annoyed real quick when she cries ya know?  And sometimes he does (which I don't blame) but a lot of times he'll bend down and either pick her up or try to "fix" her.  I've even caught him kissing her on the head and going "I love you" awww. 

We beat God of War 1, 2, and 3 in a week.  That was a funny/frustrating experience.  We also got a bird feeder, but no birds are eating out of it.  I think we'll have to move it.
I love my Mom!  I made Matt take me to the store to look for a Forth of July outfit for the baby.  They were pretty much gone.  So we went home.  What do I get when we get home?  A package from my momma...that has a Forth of July outfit for Hailey in it.  I was so happy!  It's a cute red tank top from Old Navy and some jean shorts.  Plus another cute outfit.
Speaking of stores.  While we were out looking for the baby, my eyes couldn't help but wander to clothes my size.  My wardrobe needs to be burned and replaced.  The only things in my drawer not over a year old are winter clothes.  I'm not saying old clothes are bad, but they are bad when they are worn/ripped/don't fit.  A lot of my clothes (including all my jeans) are either all stretched from wearing them pregnant, have holes, or both.  If not that they look all ragged or are too small.  I have no summer clothes that I feel like...completely comfortable in.  I always say I want to lose weight before I get any clothes.  But seeing as that's going slower than I'd like...I may have to cave or go naked/nasty looking.
Time to go give the baby breakfast!


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