Saturday, July 9, 2011

Raging Waters

Yesterday we got to go to Raging Waters.  It was fun!  I actually had more fun than I thought I would....being self consious the whole time.  Hailey loved it too!  I knew she liked water, but I thought maybe she wouldn't like the cold water (and it was pretty cold), but she didn't make a peep.  The only time she got frustrated is when I changed her out of her swimming suit at the end and when we had to put a life vest on her in the lazy river and it was choking her.  But we took her to the kiddie area and just sat her in the water where it's real shallow and shaped kind of like the beach.  She sat and played in there till she got tired.  And even than she didn't cry, she just wouldn't sit in the water anymore and kept crawling up me (and it was past her nap time).  So Matt's mom sat with her while she napped and we went and got in the wave pool for a while..where Austin went treasure hunting.  Than we went on a rapid ride which was awesome!  And spent a lot of time in the lazy river...after we kicked out this stupid girl who was splashing EVERYONE and getting it in our eyes (Matt almost lost a contact).  We had to leave early because Matt had to go into work.  It was a stupid situation because he had found someone to cover for him for the day, but his manager said no.  Vons has been a pain in the butt ever since he started working there.  My shoulders got pretty burned, but that was to be expected.
Also...we have a mouse in the house (I'm a poet!).  It is making me so mad!  I know this sounds dumb, but I think he's a smart mouse, and he's slowly making the whole place his.  It grosses me out and is very very annoying.  We've had snap traps out for 4 days now and he hasn't gotten in them.  He stole one of Matt's rattles from a rattlesnake, he ruined some bananas we were going to make banana bread out of, and this morning...instead of going for the open food in the traps, he tore open my bag of oreos!  What the crap mouse!  I'm afraid to eat anything in the kitchen since I don't know where he's been.  People can get very sick from mice.  I hope Mia catches it soon (I caught her hunting it last night, but she's not going to jump on the counter for it).
Oh, and 10 more days till Utah!


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