Monday, July 11, 2011


Yesterday we decided it was time to take Hailey to the beach!  We decided to go to Venice because I don't think Austin has ever been there.  I didn't take many pictures because I knew I'd drop my phone in the water and didn't want to risk it haha.  Matt took video, but it's on his phone so I'll have to get it once he gets home.  Austin bought a sun stone...he's into Aztecs right now.  And probably the best part is when Matt dropped Austin's wallet in the water and had to chase it!  The water had major pull and huge waves so swimming wasn't aloud.  I put Hailey's feet in the sand, than the water.  She didn't cry but when the water pulled back she lifted her feet out of the water.  Between the beach and Raging Waters, I have some funky tan lines now. 
Since we were already salty, we headed over to Matt's aunt's house to go swimming.  It felt really good!  After swimming around a little, we sat and relaxed in the hot tub. 
We finally caught our smart mouse....well....mice.  This morning I saw the first mouse trap snapped and I smiled.  When I looked and saw the second one trapped too I laughed sooo hard!  We usually only have one or two mice at a time, so I'm hoping the problem is solved...for now.  With as many holes that are in this place and the location, we're bound to get more :(
8 more days till Utah!  Hope you're ready Mom and Dad for a house full of craziness!! :)
 On the way to beach!

The view


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