Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mission Birthday Party - Success!

Well, today was the big day...Hailey's birthday party!  I was nervous all day, not sure why.
The day didn't start out too well.  I didn't finish my workout, my shower went cold, the cake I made last night went really weird...something I've never seen before, the laundry wasn't done.  Anyway I was frustrated.  But we did get her cake for free from Albertsons since it was her first birthday!
Once we got to Pizza Chalet things went smoother.  We had a surprising turn out.  More people came than I thought would.  Only people who didn't come that were invited really was Odette and her family and they were out of town. 
It was funny to watch all the awkwardness though.  Everyone looked out of place.  I guess that's what you get when you mixed a divorced family together haha.
Hailey was hesitant to get into her cake but she eventually enjoyed it and laughed the whole time she picked at it.  She got some cool gifts, mainly clothes, which she needed since her wardrobe was being grown out of quickly.  And some fun toys that I opened when we got home and she's been playing with all night.  Thanks to everyone who came! <3
After her party we ran to the mall since we were already close and did some Christmas shopping.  We got almost half done, so I'm happy.  Now I just need to get some wrapping paper.
This is the only picture I have right now.  I'll have to upload my video and track down other pictures tomorrow.  Night!


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