Monday, December 19, 2011


Do you ever had dreams that were so real and so awesome!  And when you wake up you try your hardest to make it continue, but it's not the same.  Or just have really weird or interesing dreams?  I know I do! 
People say dreams can mean something, and if they do I wish I knew what they were saying.  I don't know why, but I find dreams so interesting and I wish I remembered them all.  I'm thinking of getting a notebook and keeping it by my bed so when I wake up from a cool or weird dream I can write down everything I remember at the time (since they seem to fade as the day goes on).  I heard once that you shouldn't try to write complete sentences, just key words so you don't forget or try to hard to make something that makes sense.  I always tell Matt my dreams in hopes that will trigger my memory...doesn't really work.  This is when I wish I could draw even half well so I could draw the faces I see.  Matt also told me the other day that he heard that all the faces in your dreams are people you have seen somewhere because the brain can't make up people.  But I don't know....The person in my dream last night was like a mix, but hey maybe I saw them at Target haha :)
On another note....Hailey has her one year checkup tomorrow.  I think she has to get shots.  So sad.  She is not going to be happy now that she's more vocal about her dislikes.  Sigh my poor baby.
Well time to go fold laundry!


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