Saturday, November 26, 2011


How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was good.  At first Matt had to work early at Target to get ready for 'Black Friday'.  He came home around 10:30AM and we got ready to go and headed up to Arrowhead to Matt's mom's family.  They eat their meal as lunch so we missed the beginning.  At first I was feeling sick.  I was reading on the way up, but I've never gotten motion sickness before.  Maybe it was the milk I had on my cereal :(  So I didn't eat anything but a couple pieces of turkey at that meal.  After that we headed to Matt's Aunt's cabin (dad's side).  We got there early and watched some football as dinner was finishing up.  After dinner we all hung out and Hailey danced around for everyone.  She also has a new thing of trying to go up the stairs walking not crawling.  So eager to grow up.
Speaking of growing up.  Hailey is so big!  As fun as it is to see her grow and learn new things, I'll probably cry on her birthday.  Time has just flown by.  She now has 6 teeth, would rather walk than crawl, dances, almost weaned off a bottle, and doing stairs.  She no longer fits in her carseat and would love to face forward so she can see.  She loves pressing buttons, and always turns off mine and Matt's computers.  She even turned off the Wii the other day.  Ms. Piggy is going to be her new nickname since she loves to eat anything and everything.  Love her to death!
Time to go clean out Matt's shoes of my hair clippies and pen.  Silly babies.
Days Till:
Hailey's Birthday - 9
Christmas - 29


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