Thursday, July 19, 2012

What To Do

What all should we do while Austin is here?  We've gone down to Venice and gone to the mall.  I'm sure we'll be back to the mall later.  Matt has to work a lot, but we're trying to fit in as much as possible during his time off (without exhausting him).  We may head back to Knott's Berry Farm, because we may still have some tickets.  But for that we may find someone to watch Hailey since a lot of the little kid rides she was still too small for.  We are going to go do Disneyland at some point, but I'd rather go during the week, so we'll have to wait for Matt to have another day off in the week.  I think he wants to hang out with Little Ray at some point too, but he never returned my text.  We may also try to head down to Little Tokyo again this year (since now we know where it is haha).  Last year, the two shops we would of wanted to go in, were closed.
So, anything else here we can do that doesn't cost a ton? 

Oh, and check out my Chibi Inuyasha he drew for me. <3


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