Friday, January 6, 2012

How are you doing?

It's been almost a week since New Years.  How are your goals going?  So far for me I've done pretty well.  I haven't had McDonalds once.  I think I've had one Coke. I've also been working out every other day like I said I wanted to do minimum. 
After going to the mall, I'm hoping I can stick on this goal!  I really want to lose weight and get down to how I used to be.  I think if I get on my weight now, I won't have to stuggle with the weight I would of gained.  And when/if I get pregnant again maybe it'll be easier to snap back.  Coping my sister, maybe if I flash some pictures of my old body I'll be motivated!
This one is waaay blurry but I love it.  One of my best pictures I think

I couldn't find the version that I didn't mess with, but I want my stomach to be like that again haha.
I probably have better pictures but I don't really wanna go looking right now *lazy*

Updates with Hailey...she's still as goofy as ever.  She likes to sit on this one toy she has like a bench and watch tv.  Now when she dances she stomps in a circle.  And she loves to play in her princess tent she got for Christmas (thanks Odette).
My (other) updates....I got my first pedicure ever about a week ago.  It was good even though I felt stupid for not being able to understand the lady.  Pretty much it for me haha
Matt updates....he started a YouTube channel called MrMuscleMatt (hehe).  He wants to start vlogging his weightloss journey.  No videos yet since I'm still working out the kinks with his channel page.  But, if only for fun, subcribe to him at 
I've always wanted to vlog, even if just for updates for far away family, but I've never been able to figure out what to say haha. Maybe he'll be better at it than me :)
See ya later!


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