Friday, January 20, 2012

Halfway Through?!

It is really hard to believe that we are already almost done with January.  Where does time go?
How are you doing on your goals?  I've actually done better than I thought I would.  No McDonalds, no Coke (even though I wanted one bad when we were babysitting).  I've worked out at least every other day, working on every day.  According to my Wii (since that's the only scale I have) it says I'm down 1.1 lb!  Hey every little bit counts! 
Matt has also been to the gym at least every other day.  He's also eating better than me in general....but that's no surprise.
Tonight I think I'll try my luck at cooking a roast.  I've never cooked one before but I'm looking forward to it.  Wish me luck!
As far as my goal to get something off my bucket list....I don't think I'm doing too good at that one.  My guitar still needs to be tuned, and I need to go dig out my Japanese letter chart.  I do, however, have a couple nice Japanese people that would practice with me if I asked them.  I love the Tokyo store in the mall! As a matter of fact, Matt and I are going back there this weekend to hopefully get my star jar for my lucky stars I've made.  (if my favorite one is still there)
Hailey is still as cute as ever!  Shoe loving, climbing, dancing fool.  She loves her cartoons in the morning, and does pretty well without her binky during the day.  She has also learned to throw a mean fit.  It's funny to see sometimes (like when we're at home).
Have a great Friday!  TGIF


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