Monday, October 17, 2011

Mall Adventures

Yesterday Matt and I went to the mall to look for Halloween costumes.  First we stopped by a friend's jewelry show.  She had some great stuff!  After hanging out there for a while, we headed to the mall (well actually King Taco for Mr. Matt haha).  It was so busy!  Probably the hardest time we've ever had finding a park.  The thing I like about our mall is that it's pretty family oriented.  Recently they added parking spots marked for people who had kids.  They are a little bigger spots for you to have room to get out the stroller - or if you have a car like us, climb in the back seat to get the baby out.  Anyway, we found one open, and as we were about to pull in Matt sees the guy in the line opposite us has his blinker on, so Matt lets him in - trying to be nice.  And what does this single 30 year old gangster looking man do?  Slide right into that family spot.  Where did we find a spot?  The very back of the lot...I'm not being sarcastic haha seriously the last spot.  I was so annoyed!  Given....I was already feeling a little annoyed because I was trying to look up directions for Kimberly on our phones (reading the address on mine and using Google on Matt's).  In the process they both restarted and Matt's froze once.  Than Google kept losing the addresses...anyway back to crappy car guy - he was just sitting in his car too!  Didn't even get out...what a jerk.
So the mall was way busy!  I don't think I've ever seen it that busy besides a weekend in December.  First thing we did was head to the food court to get lunch and feed the baby.  Our mall has this family center by the bathrooms where you can take your kids to chill out and whatnot.  Hailey happens to be very vocal when it comes to I took her in there to feed her and let her play with the toys while we ate.  They even have rooms for women to breastfeed which is awesome!  Even though a lot of times teenagers go in there to talk or mess around - which also makes me very annoyed - but that's a story for another day.  (I think I really do need to get an opinions blog for frustration so I'm not bulking up this one) 
Now...we didn't end up getting my costume.  Why?  We wanted to look at other stuff and have a fun day out and in doing so forgot it was Sunday and that the mall closed at 7....
Either way it was still fun.  I'll probably just do a cheap costume (since I is poor kid) and wear the awesome batman shirt Hot Topic has.  Now they have a Sailor Moon shirt too which I love!  But it looks kind of silly on.  I don't know....I might still go with it. 
Also Hailey is getting better at walking!  She can take 4 steps before she either falls or decides to dive for you instead.  Love my baby


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