Sunday, May 22, 2011


I've been sitting here doing my daily morning routine.  Contacts, potty, feed the dog, turn on the computers, blah blah blah.  And I started thinking about part of a conversation I had last night where we were talking about weight.  Before Hailey was born I had a plan to work out as best/much as I could while breastfeeding to get as low as I could with the extra calorie-burning boost.  Well, between an extended baby blues, and stress of other things like this stupid barn, it never really got done.  And what doesn't help is I'm one of those unfortunate people who snack when they are bored or sulking.  Whoppers are the best for that.  Given I haven't gained too much weight back, and I'm still about 20lbs lighter than when I got pregnant.  But I'm terrified that it's going to rebound when I stop breastfeeding.  I had been doing my wii fit, which is fun, but it doesn't really burn that many calories.  You just don't move around that much.  It's good for tracking weight though, it even helps you set a goal.  These last couple days, I discovered the joy, and calorie burning aspects of jumping on a tramp, and jumproping.  Sucks because I have neither.  I could do jumping jacks, but I also don't have a sports sometimes it kind of hurts haha.  Ever worked out with them just free? Annoying!  Sometimes I think it would be easier to do with another person, but I also think I'd get too embarrassed.  I don't know....
Anyone have any ideas??  I wanted to stop breastfeeding at 6 months (which is like 2 weeks away).  I may go a little longer but I for sure want to be done by July because that's when vacations start and stuff and I don't wanna breastfeed her at the zoo or beach or something haha.  So I've got that long to like...establish a life plan and maybe extreme (just a little so I don't rebound from that alone) diet/work out to take advantage of the breastfeeding extra calories.  Sound good?  Now who wants to help me and beat my ass when I feel like slackin?? :)


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  1. You can still breastfeed her but not exclusively. So your still producing milk, but your not feeding every feed with nursing. That will help!