Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bored and Tired

Hello World!
I'm just sitting here because I can't sleep anymore...which sucks because the baby IS still asleep...which is amazing as of lately where she has decided to wake up between 6 and 7.
Speaking of which, I love my baby!  She is a crack up.  And she's getting so big!  She wants to be a part of everything.  Now, she can sit up almost all by herself.  I can set her on the floor and she'll sit and play sitting up for a long time, but eventually she'll get really excited or bend too far one way and topple over.  Yesterday I sat her in the stroller like normal (usually we leave her in the carseat and it hooks into the stroller), and she loved it!  Kind of sad for me because I liked her facing me on walks haha.  But because she liked that, when we went to the store we tried sitting her in the front of the shopping cart instead of hooking the carseat there.  She loved that too.  Sat up just fine the whole time.  Near the end though she started fussing a little and wanted to get out.  I know no one really knows when they will start crawling or anything, but I can tell she wants to move.  One time I was in the bathroom getting ready, and she rolled onto her tummy and pushed herself up.  She could see me in the bathroom and wanted to join me.  She started grunting and fussing it was cute and sad at the same time.  Eventually she got tired and put her head on the ground, still fussing.

Man, Matt and I need new phones.  Why? Well, it's always fun to get new phones of course! But, they really do need to be replaced.  I don't know if we just use them that much or what, but Matt's phone's scrolling is like starting to die.  My phone hangs up on people, is getting to the point where the speaker pops more than I actually hear it ring, and sometimes my alarms won't go off...resulting in Matt and I waking up late to get him out the door at 3:40 AM.  I wish wish WISH I could get an iPhone.  I want one so bad I'm kind of tempted to switch carriers just so I can get it.  But, T-Mobile is the cheapest for family plans and has decent coverage.  AT&T is the suck.  Plus, we've been with T-Mobile for years, both as a couple and before we even met.  They do have some cool, decent priced, smart phones that are probably just as good as the iPhone, but it's the name (mostly I believe) and the look of the iPhone 4 that I love!  *cry*

Well, I guess I'll go check on my baby and the spider that I trapped waiting for Matt to get home so he can smush! Hey! I can kill spiders better than ever in my life...but not the huge, fast ones that pop when you squish them :(


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