Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Update

Hello again...
I still have put this on the back burner.  No reviews or anything!  I'm a total slacker.
Of course, if you want to keep up with us on a daily basis, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel! Link is in my profile *wink*
November has just flown by! (yes, I know it's not quite over yet)  It feels like Halloween was just yesterday, even though our candy bowl is, in fact, empty.
Tonight we are headed to the annual City Walk in our downtown area.  The shops open up and give out snacks and hot chocolate as a way to advertise.  It's pretty fun.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  We actually haven't talked at all about plans for it.  Matt has the opening shift at work the next day so we won't be out too late.
They've finally started rebuilding the garage.  So that opens up a lot of life possibilities that I'll explain later.  Yes I know that makes no sense but trust me!
Christmas is coming up, and we will be in Utah for it! (unless something comes up, but doubtful)  I may be in Utah earlier than Matt, since he has to work, but that all depends on if my dear ol Daddy wants to pay for my flight out there haha!
I plan on taking a new family photo ASAP!  So, if you'd like a copy, let me know!
Hailey is still a big ol mix of sweet and sour.  She can be so caring and loving, than turn and be sassy and rude.  Sometimes it gives me whiplash.  I wish I could get her into school or something for her to burn off some steam.  Being up here with no yard or anyone to interact with, I think she gets cabin fever.  I don't blame her, I do too.
Brooklyn is starting to take after Hailey in the sass department.  She can still be sweet, like giving her sister random hugs or cuddles.  But MAN is she getting sassy.  She makes these grump faces that crack me up and make it hard to be mad at her.  She also now lays on the ground when you make her mad.  But most frustrating at all is a lot of times when you try to get mad at her (and are soo frustrated) she just giggles and runs away.  Sigh, I think she's going to be a rebel.
Matt is the same, haha.  His back hurts him more some days.  He's doing well at work.  It makes me not want to move because he's finally found a place he's happy and gets along with people, not to mention is doing well (regardless of the pay rate they give).  I'm afraid if we move he'll end up transferring to a store where he doesn't get along with anyone and will be miserable.
Me, well I've been sitting here playing the new WoW expansion and worrying we're not going to hit 100 in time for the anniversary stuff.  I have been working on YouTube, but some days I feel like I should just quit it altogether.  Yet, everyday I still usually find a way to put up a video.  I have started my Christmas shopping, so that's exciting! I love shopping for Christmas, but it's hard on a budget.
Health wise I kind of suck.  Now, don't panic!  It's nothing serious.  It's mostly my fault.  My teeth are hurting big time. My eyes are starting to hurt as well, because I need to change my contacts, but I don't have any.  I should wear my glasses, and I will if I HAVE to, but I hate them with a passion.  I'm so unfit and overweight it's not funny.  I'm having a hard time getting started down the path of health and fitness.  Soon.
I'm excited for the upcoming Holidays, and Hailey's 4th Birthday! AH! My baby....
Anyway, we're doing good.  How are all of you doing?!

Let me know

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