Friday, August 5, 2011

Surveys & 8 months old

I've always loved filling out surveys.  I thought I would point out one instance where it pays off.
We got a survey in the mail (kind of a long one too) from Edison, our power company.  Matt was going to throw it away but I said no I wanted to fill it out.  I filled it out and had Matt mail it back when he went to the post office to mail some bills.  That was a while ago, and I had totally forgotten about it.  The other day, we got a package in the mail from Edison.  Upon opening it we found a LED nightlight, a showerhead where you can adjust the water flow, a couple filters for your sinks and shower, and 2 light bulbs - one the common swirly LED, the other is the new lightbulbs that are coming out.  Matt's mom had asked why she didn't get one.  That's when we were like "oooh, did you fill out your survey?" She said no.  So hey, sometimes filling out a little survey can be rewareding.  Even though they may be dumb little things to some people, I love it!  Not only was it free and a package! It was a reward for doing something little :)
Oh yea....and my baby is 8 months old today!! Where did the time go?  I was talking to Matt about it and was saying she was 7 months because it was too hard to believe it was 8, but here it is...on the downward spiral to her first birthday.
Oh my big girl


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