Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hello again!
I have idea for what I want to write about, but how about we start off with a good ol' fashioned family update!
Hailey has started Kindergarten and is loving it! She has a little best friend and is learning to read.  The one day I made her miss because she was sick she cried because she wanted to go.
Speaking of sickness....being in school for the first time, we get a lot of sicknesses traveling through our house.
She's lost 2 teeth, taken her first swim class, and started learning to ride a bike.
You can really tell how much Hailey has grown up just by listening to her.  She's going to be 6 in a month!  CRAZY!
Brooklyn is finally potty trained!  It actually didn't take too long.  I just took a while to get her started.  But as of right now, I am changing no diapers! (soon to change) Now I just need to get that damn binky away from her.  It's hard because she uses it as a comfort item as well as just sucking on it (she uses 2 at a time)
She really misses Hailey when she goes to school.  If I take or pick up Hailey without her, she gets very upset.
Her eating habits are driving me crazy!  Sometime she eats real well, but more often than not she barely eats.  Grr arg!
Also, she has developed the weirdest vocabulary.  She watches shows like Peppa Pig and The Little Kingdom (British shows) so she has picked up a lot from those. 
A few examples; "swim costume" "bubble mixture" "this day" "going on holiday" "I'm just a small child" "can I have a go?"
Hahaha I love it
Mathew has started a new job delivering bread.  He went to trucking school, and this isn't exactly the truck driving job he envisioned for himself, but it's a good job and he does pretty well so it all works out.  The only sucky part is that he goes into work at 4AM *cringe*
Other then that, I don't think there is much to report on Mr. Matt....unless you count his ever growing beard teehee

As for me, if you haven't heard.....I'm pregnant with our 3rd baby.  21 weeks today to be exact.
It's been an interesting pregnancy.  Super sick. I had to ask my doctor for some pills so I could actually eat food. I feel like I ballooned real quick this time around.  And, of course, being extra tired having to chase after 2 kids while making another.  I've also just been super uncomfortable.  I also have very bland answers when people ask me questions about it, and I'm not sure why.  More like a "Yes, I'm pregnant again.  It's the same as last time nothing new blah blah" haha.

As a family we've been trying to go on as many adventures as we can.  That usually involves hanging out with my parents.  We finally got a new car, so now Austin doesn't have to sit in my trunk anymore.  The girls seem to be excited about baby as well.
Hoping to move out of our apartment soon.  I really don't want to carry a baby up three flights of stairs multiple times a day!
Wish us luck!!


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