Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Baby Name Drama

Let me start this out with, YES I know that it's my choice and I shouldn't care what anyone else thinks....but sometimes (especially for me) you can't help it.
So, I have always had a thing about sharing my baby names.  People can be cruel, and also some people just run their mouths without thinking things through.
I will admit that I can be too sensitive to what other people say....but it's also my baby's name! haha
First of all, I'm not one of those people who think that a name is like...your IDENTITY hard core like I've seen some people say.  It's a name.
BUT I also don't like to have names that are really hard to spell (they are going to have a hard enough time with their last name), or that a million people have.
In 4th grade, I had three Matthews and at least two Brittanys in my class.  And man did it get confusing.  I, however, never had that problem.  The only other Vickie I ever saw was a teacher's first name.  And, as silly as it is, I loved that fact.  So I always try to pick a name that isn't super popular.
I also try really hard to find a name I don't associate anyone with.  I know that's not 100% possible, but if it's an immediate reminder of someone I hated that sorry but it's out!
Now the drama really starts when you tell other people your name.  If it's a name that you really love, then you hear the people in your life saying they hate hurts.
Once upon a time, Hailey was going to be named Hannah.  But I had someone close to me ruin it.  "Every Hannah I know is a bitch....just an FYI"
I know I shouldn't of let it bother me, but it did....a lot.
Luckily we found the name Hailey and it suits her.
With Brooklyn, we never really had this issue.  Some people looked at us like "really?" but that's about it.
But this time around.  I'm a little more into old fashioned names or just unique without being weird names, if that makes sense.
And well, a lot of people I know don't seem to agree.  The names are all a little different then what's going around now, so they give me grief.  I don't think anyone has been like "Oh I love that name!" with any of our names yet.  Well, besides Matt and Hailey.
So I've hesitated to tell anyone else what names I'm thinking of.  I've had people point out teasing possibilities, but honestly, kids are dicks and if they want to tease someone they can think of any reason, they don't need a name.  Plus aren't there just too many weird and unique names out there now for anyone to make fun of anyone? bahaha
We're still trying to decide fully, but Matt has a name that he really likes and, unlike me, he could care less what anyone says.  So I may have to tap into his attitude and just go with it.  But we'll see.
Once she is named I'll let you know!
Have you had any baby name drama?

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