Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baby Update....again

I still need to post about vacation, but I just went to the doctor yesterday so here's that.
First time with the other doctor...well first time this pregnancy.  He's a nice guy, but kind of weird.
Kind of funny, I start seeing him and he goes on vacation for about 2 weeks so I have to see someone else......yet it can't be the woman because I'm passed 35 weeks.
That also means that now I have to go every week until delivery.  Fun stuff.
Doctor didn't make my due date sooner like I'd hoped.  He just seems to think that it's a big baby.  When I got my chart info I did notice that my weight jumped 10 pounds once which is weird because it was right around my vacation and I usually lose weight on vacation from all the walking around, diet change, plus I was sick and throwing up so I didn't eat much at all.  And coming back from Texas I still weight that higher weight, but we did a ton of walking there (including having to climb these huge stairs every time we came and went from our hotel) and I even got sick one night there.  So I'm hoping he isn't one of those doctors who will let it grow and grow and not start me until I need a C-section because it's too big.
In other updates, we got Hailey's bedding, we just need the bed haha.  Can't get that though until Austin goes home, because her bed is going where the air mattress is.  I also got my first newborn diaper, and I don't remember them being so small!!  Made me instantly nervous haha.
Ok Hailey is in the bathtub and wants me to come look at something so byebye!

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