Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I have a really random, weird, question to ask.  Should I go back to making my vlogs?  I know they weren't very good and they need LOTS of work, but practice makes perfect.  I don't know.....
Did anyone watch them?  I kind of felt obnoxious posting them to Facebook.  But I have had people tell me that they watch them.  I got discouraged and felt like not only were they crap, but I didn't really have anything to share.  I mean, I wasn't trying to make one every day or anything like that, but I was doing it for far away family, and really for ourselves. I love watching old family videos, but that doesn't mean I have to post it haha.
Matt asked me why I stopped, and I didn't really have an answer.  I felt stupid sometimes and....I dunno.  Should I not even try it anymore?  The channel name is STUPID because everything good was taken.   Why am I thinking about it right now?  I don't know.....it's not like I really have anything interesting to film now...unless we move, but that's really not that exciting either haha
So yea.....just rambling.  I'm going to go finish cleaning the house for Matt's return tomorrow. 
Here is a pic of my baby girl for ya!


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