Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming Up

Within the next couple of weeks, exciting things happen (well exciting for me)! A week from today is my doctors appointment! Now, I've never been excited for a dr. visit in my life...doctors scare me.  BUT! This visit will (hopefully) give me the clear to work out the way I want, and possibly get some pretty cool birth control.  Than the day after that we start our drive to Utah!  Not too excited about the drive, but very excited about the visit itself.  It'll be kind of weird to have to pack more stuff for someone else.  I even had a dream the other night that we went to Utah, and after we got there I realized I hadn't packed a single thing for the baby.  Guess I'll have to make a list to make sure I don't forget anything haha.  Than soon after we get back, Hailey has her 2 month doctors appointment.  It's kind of a reassurance when they say everything is ok haha. 
Hailey is still sleeping at night pretty well...so far haha.  I try to keep her up in the day as well as I can.  She's also started cooing and smiling more.  Everyone says she's gotten "so big" but to me she looks pretty much the same, but I guess the longest I've gone without seeing her is at night.  I did, however, clean out a small section of her drawer.  These cute little onsies are too small!  And she's getting too big for these cute little socks :(  Oh well, I'll just keep them for her maybe possible future little sister haha (that won't be for a whiiiile).
Well, I'm going to go put the pizza in the oven for dinner.  Oh and this post wouldn't be complete without a picture!


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