Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I can't believe that January is already over.  It feels like Christmas was just yesterday!
There is part of me that wants time to slow down, and another part that is like "can it be the end of March yet?!"
Hailey lost both her front teeth by time Christmas was here.  But they have already almost grown back in! Both teeth next to her front teeth are loose, but she won't let us pull them out.  We may have to because her front teeth are pushing on them.  I think she is going to have an over crowded teeth problem eventually.
She still likes school, but has gotten to the point of waking up being hard.  Mainly because of Christmas vacation where she could sleep as she liked. "I like school, I just hate waking up." she tells me.  She's doing really well with reading too.  Sometimes I hate reading with her, because I realize how stupid a lot of the rules are and how nothing even follows said rules!
We also got her her first haircut.  Nothing crazy, but I do wish I had done it a little shorter.  But it does help with brushing it.
Brooklyn is just as crazy as ever.  She gets upset when Hailey has school and claims she has a baby in her belly too.  Speaking of which, sometimes she really loves to rub my belly.  It's sweet, but also a little weird to me haha.
Other then that, nothing really to report.  I did learn, however, that she's going to be a sweatpants kind of gal.  She prefers to be in her 'home pants' and a sweater because it's "more comfy"
Mathew and I don't have much else to report either.  We're in this limbo right now and it's stressful.  We had plans, and it was working out.  But when places, like your job, don't keep promises or leave out information it messes up those plans and puts you in a tight spot.  We need to be out of our apartment by the end of February because it's expensive here.  We had the means, and now we don't.  But the loan officer we are working with takes his sweet time and leaves us hanging.  Half the questions they ask make no sense to me either.  It's such an odd and frustrating process.
But we'll figure something out.  We always do.
It'll be interesting to see how things go, but also a little scary.
I guess we'll see!
Best part of January being over....one month closer to spring!  We're starting to get cabin fever!

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