Friday, February 14, 2014

Breastfeeding at Disneyland

When it comes to breastfeeding, I'll admit, I'm a little shy about it.
I'm not quite as bad as I was when I had Hailey, but I'm still not as bold as other mom's I see.
Everyone has their own way to do things, and no way is wrong or right.  This is how I do things, and if you are anything like me, here are some of the things I do.
My family loves Disneyland.  Sometimes I can be hard to go with a baby who is still breastfeeding.  You have to take time out of your day to find a spot that you can sit and feed your little one (kudos to those amazing moms who can walk and feed at the same time).
If you are anything like me, you like to find a spot that you are not out there in the open for everyone to see, but is also close enough that you don't have to take even more time out of your day in travel.
I have found some places in Disneyland that are good for what I want, and they are in several spots around the park so you can usually find one wherever you are.
Of course, you can always go to Disneyland's amazing Baby Center.  It's at the end of Main Street USA behind the hot dog wagon.
There they have a room just for breastfeeding moms.  They also provide a ton of other parent services such as diaper changing and toddler potties, supplies for sale(cash only), and a place to store/heat your babies milk/formula.
But, they only allow the mom and the baby to enter.  So if you are with your other kids, this can be a pain.
There is another spot at the beginning of Main Street USA that I like.  Next to Town Hall there is a small set of stairs that leads to a balcony type area with a couple benches.  You can see all the crowds, but no one really pays attention to what's up in the corner. (don't have a picture yet)
If you are over by Frontier Land(and if it's not too busy with lunch/dinner crowd) there is a nice little spot between two restaurants.
Another breastfeeding mom and I both chose this spot while we ate lunch.  It's in the shade and away from the rest of the crowded tables.
Over in Critter Country there is a restaurant call the Hungry Bear.  There are tables under the restaurant next to the river.  Once again, it's in the shade and usually not too crowded accept at peak eating hours. (no picture yet)
Over by the boarder of Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, under the monorail track, there are some really nice big benches.  They are in the corner near the face painting booths. 
There aren't usually a lot of people over there because it's a corner out of the way.  Personally, if I want another wall, I park my stroller in front of me and sit on the bench.  They are really big and you have lots of room.
And finally, if you are over in Mickey's Toon Town, there are some seats over by Chip and Dale's tree house.
Once again, another mom had taken advantage of the play area for her older child, and the lack of crowd that travels this far in the back of Toon Town. This is my newly discovered spot and I think it'll work out great when we're way in the back of the park.
I'm sure there are other spots around that I haven't come across.  And, of course, everyone has their preferences.  These are just my personal picks.  As much privacy and I can manage without hiding in the bathroom...gross, or traveling through the whole park 2-3 times a day to the Baby Center.
There is no reason you can't take the time out to breastfeed and still enjoy your trip to Disneyland.
I hope, if you are like me, these spots serve you well :)

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