Saturday, February 12, 2011


Some little updates on baby Hailey.  Ever since Utah, she has become a drooling machine!  I think she has discovered her tongue, and between playing with it and blowing bubbles her shirt is always wet.  She has also become quite the wiggle worm at night.  If her binky falls out she whines for it (still pretty much asleep) but won't hold her head still long enough for me to put it back in.  That and chewing on her hands.  I try to stop her so she doesn't start sucking on a finger like I did but it's not always easy haha.  Sitting facing out has become her new favorite position.  She wants to see everything that is going on.  I have become a gaming queen...playing my game while having a baby in my lap (gotta teach em early right? teehee).  One thing I'll never understand is how baby clothes can vary in size so much.  She can fit into some 3 month outfits and yet she's wearing a pair of pants right now that are too big and they are newborn size....what the crap!?  I need to find out where I can get some just little bows to put in her hair.  She has never had a bow in her hair! That's like blasphemy!  And right now she'd need one cause her outfit makes her look like a little boy.  I had people ask if she was a boy when she was wearing pink! :(  Oh well haha. 
I hadn't even noticed that she'd fallen asleep
Breastfeeding has become way easier.  I think it's more that I'm more comfortable and relaxed.  Thanks to my boppy, I'm not stuck sitting in the rocking chair to feed her, and I can do it anywhere.  She knows what she's doing more also, so that helps.  I also don't stress as much about feeding her in public because I just give her formula.  She switches between formula/bottle and me with no problems and it really doesn't happen all that often, but the stress of worrying about it and trying to make it work with the stupid blankie and what not is gone and that is a big help.  I guess I'm lucky she has no problems with either way I go. 
Our water may be turned off for who knows how long again.  The neighbor was mad and frustrated that our waters are connected (he just bought the house and I guess the old neighbor didn't mention that) so he's making us seperate (costing Matt's mom thousands of dollars).  Matt's dad is figuring out ways to maybe make it cheaper and easier.  But either way, I'm sure the water will have to be turned off while the change is being made so that'll be fun....
Well, I guess I'm going to go wake Matt up from his 4 hour nap. Wahahaha  >=)


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